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"Lori did an amazing job at my daughter's birthday party. She was super patient with all the hovering kiddos who were so excited to see what their friends chose. Amazing selection of choices for boys and girls, and she even took a special request from the birthday girl, and don't forget the glitter! Thank you so much!!!"

~ Kendra Myers

"From day one, Lori has been an absolute pleasure to work with from a corporate standpoint.  Not only is her professionalism through the roof, but she makes the life of a busy coordinator easy because she is so well connected in Wisconsin.  Her work itself is phenomenal but clearly it matches how wonderful of a person she is personally and professionally.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat!"

~ Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market, North Region

"Lori did our very large birthday party for our 3 kids...seriously amazing. She was the best!!!! She did 30 faces (including adults). She was so relaxed and fun and accommodating. Highly recommended."

~ Megan Ardnt

"Lori and her staff do a great job and the customer service from her was excellent!"

~ Karen Wentz Tresp


"We were lucky to have Lori lead efforts on face painting this weekend. Not only did she nail it with the toddlers (my son turned 3), but created such great excitement for the older kids – highly recommended for events!"

~ Christina DuBois

“Lori did a super job with my three kids for Halloween. Two of my kids had something specific in mind that they found a picture of. My youngest just wanted a snake to go with her zookeeper costume. Lori made up a design that was perfect for her costume. The kids loved it!”

~ Jeanne Nolle


“Lori is very talented and did an amazing job with the paintings! She is also very sweet and interacts well with kids. I highly recommend having Lori for a fun face painting experience on any special occasion.”

~ Kim Hess

“Whimsical creativity meets fun and personality!  Lori will not only paint a smile on your face, but also have you smilingfor real through the whole process!”

~ Chris Marcks

"Lori was awesome kids and adults got in on the fun made my daughters first birthday that much more special! Can't wait to have Lori at our next family event!"

~ Cayla Thunder

"Lori does an amazing job. So talented! Would recommend her to everyone!"

~ Amy Childers

"She is absolutely amazing! Very talented and clearly a wonderful human! I look forward to the next farmers market for future art."

~ Meghan Heft

"Amazing artwork! Super kind! Thank you Lori for doing such a fine job!"

~ Christina Arrowood

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